Sean Robert Quinn


Design & Production


Design & Development


A UI/UX focused web designer with 5 years of professional and freelance experience creating modern web designs for a wide variety of clients.

A full stack web developer with a strong working knowledge of the HTTP spec, ReSTful API development, Test/Behavior Driven Development (TDD/BDD) and Linux administration. Proven ability to employ modern techniques to work around browser quirks and deliver consistent, secure and standards compliant front-end solutions.

A database administrator well versed in both traditional RDBMS and new wave NoSQL key/value datastores alike.

A bash and git enthusiast who enjoys the challenge of finding creative ways to problem solve and automate tasks of all difficulty levels by pushing both technologies to their respective limits.

Technology Summary

Programming Languages:
Javascript, HTML5/CSS3, Bash, Makefiles, PHP, Python, SQL, AppleScript
Design Tools:
Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, ImageMagick
MongoDB, Postgres, MySQL (Innodb), SQLite, LevelDB, Redis, CouchDB
Backbonejs, Nodejs, Browserify, jQuery/Zepto
Web Servers/Proxies:
nginx, Apache2, lighttpd
Source Control/DevOps:
git, Docker
Operating Systems:
OSX, Linux (Debian/Ubuntu), Windows

Professional Projects

Clinton Courier -

Hired as a freelance full stack web developer and designer to create and maintain a complete web publishing system for a small local newspaper. Highlights include:

  • Created a responsive, gracefully degrading front end design using CSS media queries, Javascript polyfills and HTML5 APIs.
  • Developed a proprietary Content Management System using a custom made static site build system controlled via a single page application (SPA) and ReSTful backend API.
  • Full end to end JSON data delivery from database to browser.
  • To aid in rapid deployment and testing, developed a custom DevOps workflow using git, Docker and Bash scripting similar to Dokku but without all the bloat of supporting Heroku Buildpacks.

Technologies: Javascript, Nodejs, Backbonejs, MongoDB, nginx, Docker, git, Bash, Rackspace Cloudfiles (CDN) and Debian OS (Digital Ocean VM)

MyMobie -

Lead developer and maintainer of a web publishing platform for the Hospitality Industry. The platform creates mini-mobile/desktop web sites accessed via geo-location based querying and provides digital guest services. Achievements include:

  • Created several iterations of a ReSTful API backend in both PHP/MySQL/Postgres and Nodejs/MongoDB.
  • Created two separate Javascript single page applications (SPA) for both hotel users and MyMobie administrators that allow for easily customizing each mini mobile site via a drag/drop interface. Both are built with Backbonejs.
  • Designed front end mobile sites first using jQuery Mobile and later moving to responsive design via custom hand built CSS and Javascript.

Technologies: Javascript, Nodejs, Backbonejs, MongoDB, nginx, Rackspace Cloudfiles (CDN) and Debian OS (Digital Ocean VM)

Maintain a LAMP stack and provide custom add-ons and consulting so the design team can launch dynamic sites for their end customers. Highlights include:

  • Automatic backups via bash scripting and rsync.
  • FTP/SFTP, sendmail and MySQL configuration and management.
  • Linux VM administration with zero compromises to security to date.

PBR Graphics Inc.

As the prepress manager, built several utilities to automate PDF and file system workflows. Highlights include:

MOD-o-Mater – A node.js/bash task runner for processing incoming FTP zip files from the MyOrderDesk web-to-print ordering system. Built with an easy to use and intuitive Javascript API, the user could process a list of files by chaining plugins together. Each plugin was either a single or series of Bash scripts. The project was very similar to Grunt/Gulp before those projects existed as this was built in mid-2011.

Automated the proprietary Heidleberg trapping software Super Trap – Every page of every PDF bound for plate production needed to be trapped and depending on the size and complexity of the job this process could take 5-20 minutes of the prepress technicians time. Full automation was achieved via a hot folder, AppleFolder Events, Bash, AppleScript and GUI Scripting software. Still in use to date and has saved the company thousands of dollars in labor and costly software updates.

Open Source Projects


A Connect/Express compatible port of git http-backend for serving git repos over HTTP/HTTPS.


A nodejs wrapper library for the Yellow Pages API


I’ve spent the last ten years working in the print industry at various capacities. While some may call it an addiction to blanket wash, there is no other industry that marries my passions for art, chemistry and mechanics all into one discipline.

And as luck would have it, I have spent most of my professional career in the Print Industry wearing a multitude of hats — everything from running bindery equipment, to operating presses, to making sales calls, to designing professional print pieces and now production management.


Hamilton College — Creative Services Production Manager

Current full time job as an administrator in the Communications department of a top Liberal Arts college. Responsibilities and achievements include:

  • Leading a team of creatives and student interns by identifying, assigning and managing tasks for all forward facing print and web communications.
  • Purchasing, scheduling and managing the production of print projects as large as a triennial 96pp magazine and ensure the quality, accuracy and effectiveness of the College’s brand.
  • Working under the direction of the Senior Director of Visual Communiations and assisting in the design, layout and typography of a multitude of projects including notecards, calendars, invites, postcards, gift forms and more.

PBR Graphics Inc — Prepress Manager

Managed digital PDF workflow for a short-run offset press from customer submittal to plate production. Responsibilites included

  • File pre-flighting and correction, color adjustments, job imposition, proof creation and plate production.
  • Provided customers with services in print design, web design, content management and email marketing.
  • Maintained on-site Debian server for FTP and PDF workflow automation.
  • Managed third-party online ordering system and hacked new functionality into the user interface by exploiting holes in the dynamic form generators.
  • Built several small utilties for easing the internal workflow.

R. Smith Printing Inc. — Design/Layout Artist and Production Assistant

Assisted in all areas of my grandfather’s print shop from making sales calls to running presses. Other highlights included:

  • Helping customers write brand compliant messaging.
  • Designing marketing publications such as sales flyers, rack cards, brochures, and guest service directories.
  • Performing routine quality assurance audits to protect the brand identity of major hospitality companies.
  • Developing an online ordering system and playing a key role in updating processes and expanding into new digital markets.

Wizard Graphics Inc. — Bindery Manager

Ran bindery equipment while training and supervising other bindery operators. Responsible for quality assurance of all printed materials at the post-production stage. Became proficient in designing and creating dies and occasionally consulted print designers on the capabilities of the machines.